Class C - Securafile Deep Archive Storage

What is Securafile Deep Archive Storage and who would benefit by using this document storage service?

Securafile Deep Archive Storage is a cost effective document storage service enabling you to retain documents, files and records during the last stages of their valuable operational life. These documents and files may not require regular access but hold important information which you may wish to retain for a period of time. ( eg. Legal or compliance conditions ) Many of these documents will have a destruction date set on them before reaching this storage service. On reaching their destruction date certain documents and files you may still wish to retain and these can remain in this storage area for as long as you require. This service ensures your documents are stored securely and efficiently.

  • Protection - Your document boxes are enclosed in a protected film and stored in a secure compound.
  • Efficient - Your document boxes are multi stacked to minimise storage volume and therefore reduce costs.
  • Access - This archive area has restricted access. Document box movements or box retrievals are controlled by a pre-booking system.

What you can expect from our Securafile Deep Archive:

  • Documents stored in a secure compound.
  • No limit to the number of boxes which can be stored.
  • Sophisticated alarm system protecting the facility - 24 / 7 coverage.
  • Viewing area to examine your documents on site.

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