Class B - Securafile Shelf Span

What is Securafile Shelf Span and who would benefit by using this document storage service?

Securafile Shelf Span is an open access shelving system housed in a secure area which offers document and record protection with monitored and controlled access. This option is designed to store large volumes of less sensitive documents and files, usually referred to as Class B records. This service is 'cost flexible' which enables you to reduce storage costs.

  • Protection - Your document boxes are located within secure storage areas adhering to the British standard for archive document storage( BS 5454 ).
  • Monitored - All your document box movements and any enquires for archive information are recorded and reports emailed.
  • Access - The archive area is access controlled to enable you a 7 day per week availability to your documents and files.
  • Cost Flexible - Controlling your storage budget as you are charged a daily rate for document boxes stored with us.

What you can expect from our Securafile Shelf Span:

  • Documents stored in a secure area
  • No limit to the number of boxes which can be stored
  • Sophisticated alarm system protecting the facility - 24/7 coverage
  • Viewing area to examine your documents on site

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