Class A - Securafile Safe Cabinets

What are Securafile Safe Cabinets and who would benefit by using them?

The Securafile Safe Cabinets have been purpose built to cater for all operational types of business, to safely and securely store documents, records and files, designed to store class A or B documents and addresses the four most important elements for document storage administration; Security, Efficiency, Protection and Access.

  • Security - Your cabinets are individually locked and housed in a controlled area, within a protected and alarmed building.
  • Protection - Your document boxes are out of sight, enclosed within steel cabinets to eliminate unlawful access and address fire protection.
  • Efficiency - Your document boxes are not multi-stacked and all instantly on view, eliminating handling and searching, creating an efficient file retrieval process and saves staff time and frustration.
  • Access - Available 7 days a week with no additional charges; Access restricted to your selected representatives with an instant amendment process should your team change.

What you can expect from our Securafile Safe Cabinet system:

  • Documents stored in a safe and secure designated cabinet as agreed with you - Your files remain in the same location.
  • A range of various sized secure storage available - You choose what's best for you.
  • Sophisticated alarm system protects facility - 24 / 7
  • Shelving system designed to inhibit the spread of fire
  • Access to your documents covered by a 3 stage security process - Key, Coded and Registered access to your designated safe cabinet.
  • Viewing area to examine your documents.

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