Document Storage

Here at Securafile we understand document storage isn't always at the top of the management's agenda, however increasing pressure placed on companies to meet regulatory criteria and the constant need to access information challenges the management team to source solutions for their document and file storage.

Sensitivity, Regulatory, Compliance and the Frequency of access determine the document storage requirements. These requirements alone may prove to place an administrative or internal space issue within the company and therefore it is essential and necessary to plan and implement a document storage program. Many companies are now turning to "Off-Site" document storage providers for their solutions in this department.

Securafile safe cabinets
Safe Document Cabinets
The Securafile Safe Cabinets have been purpose built to cater for all operational types of business, to safely and securely store documents, records and more
Secure Document Storage Cabinets
Designed to store class A or B documents they address the four most important elements for document storage administration; Security, Efficiency, Protection and more
Safe And Secure Document Storage
Documents stored in a safe and secure designated cabinet. Sophisticated alarm system protects facility - 24 / 7. Viewing area to examine your documents. more


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